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Roofing Repair Tips You Should Check

A minor or major roof leaks can occur due to the storm. Do you know how to approach such damages and not cause additional damage in the repair process? Fixing a leak isn’t as tough as finding one. It can cause major damage in the form of damaged ceiling and insulation, mold and rotted sheathings and framing. Even if it’s not causing you major discomfort, you should fix it right. There are 3 main ways to detect a roof leak.

If you have access to the attic, start looking for mold and stains and you will most likely find the problem.

Go to the roof and inspect it. Make sure you follow safety measures and precautions while doing that. Go to the roof and move the shingles to detect possible damage. Most of the times, leaks happen near the areas of penetration near vents or chimneys.

If it’s still not visible, you’ll need to take a water pipeline and run the hose through the entire roof slowly. A helper would need to wait inside and look for water drops. They will be able to yell and tell you the exact location of the leak.

You should be able to detect a roof leak with these methods. If you fail or if you don’t want to do the tricky work involved, you can hire a roofing contractor.

Primary Causes of Roof Leaks

The leading cause of roof leaks is dirty gutters. Gutter cleaning is an essential activity, especially during the fall season to ensure that your roof stays strong.

Dry rot is caused due to the fungus that apparently breeds due to moisture. Any areas on your roof that come in frequent contact with water stand a chance of getting affected by dry rot. Remember that it’s not the water that leads to this situation, it’s the moisture. Improper ventilation is the major cause of dry rot. The fungus eats up the wood and causes structural damage to your roof resulting in sagging of the roof and cracking of the shingles. To detect it, you must look below the shingles and see if there’s any visible damage. In most affected areas, the wood will become soft and crack when you step on it.

 Inspect the Roofing Material

Damaged shingles present the most visible signs of roof damage. Loose shingles, missing shingles, and cracked shingles are itself a problem. Add to it the fact that these increase the chance of other issues like roof leaks, dry rot, and structural damage. The valleys of the roof are another spots that give away the visible signs of roofing damage.

Waiting for fixing roof issues is wise only if your roof is covered with snow or it’s pouring outside. The fall season is a great time to have an annual inspection in case you suspect some roof damage.

Use the Ladder Properly

Pick a sturdy ladder and get a ladder stabilizer or ask your buddy to hold it while you climb. If you have placed the ladder on the lawn or in the dirt, dig big holes to put it safely. For deck or porch, put a wooden board beneath the ladder to prevent it from slipping. You must always have a buddy who can hold the ladder while you climb or be there in case of any accidents. Remember to climb the ladder one step at a time while facing the ladder. Also, if you’re using a metal ladder, keep it away from electrical lines.

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