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Checklist for Hiring – Household Painting Projects

Adding a fresh coat of paint to interior or exterior can be the least expensive and have the most impact to change you can make to your home. Choosing paint colors can be difficult. If you are looking for the perfect color for an accent wall or trying to paint a whole room one bright color, there are many ways to make color mistakes. You want your house or apartment to be unique and reflect your personality.

It may all come down to the paint color you choose. The first thought most people have after moving into a new place is something along the lines of a fresh coat of paint will really brighten this place up. The new owner heads to their local hardware or paint store and picks up a couple of cans of paint. It might take a few days after work every night, or maybe they’ve got extra holiday time to paint. For those of us who don’t have the ambition or the time, you can always call in a professional painting contractor.

Make sure you look carefully at the written price quotation to find out what it includes.  Some painters will break down the quote into labor and materials. Make sure they’ve included the following:

If you’re going to the expense of hiring a painter, don’t skimp on the paint quality. Use the highest quality paint you can afford. The difference between high and low quality paint is in the coverage and durability. High quality paint won’t fade over time and won’t wash off on a cloth when you’re cleaning the walls. By using good quality paint, your walls will last many years.

Painters often receive discounts at paint stores where they do a great deal of business. They may be hesitant to use a brand of paint you want to use if their store doesn’t carry it. Instead they may suggest you do a color match. This is an instance where you might be better off supplying the paint yourself. In the event that you plan on supplying paint for your painter, tell him before he prices the job as it will affect his final quote.

Once you’ve found the color you love and a painter who meets all your requirements, it’s time to get started. Should you decide you’ve made a horrible mistake, hopefully your painter is willing to start the process over again.

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