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How to Find the Right Handyman


Nothing will ease your mind better than getting a great reference from a neighbor or friends about a particular local handyman service. One that was prompt, performed quality work and completely lived up to your expectations. Handyman companies rely on their reputation to build up their business. Before hiring one make sure they have at least 3 good references. You can also check with Home Improvement Pros and get free ratings and reviews at: www.homeimprovementservicepros.com.

You will want a reputable local handyman services that will guarantee or warranty their work. Make sure they are bonded and insured in case they are injured  or causes damage while working on your property.

Make a List Work You Need Done 

Take the time to list exactly what you want to accomplish before you contact one. Be upfront with what you expect, the company can determine if your requests are within their ability. Try not to add any surprises mid-way during the the job.

Request Cost Estimates 

Get a list of your handyman prices and estimates. Request a written estimate and make this fact clear to potential candidates in order to prevent them giving you a low-ball offer just to get you to hire them. If they know up front that there will be no further payment beyond a specific amount, then they have the option of turning down them. If a detailed estimate requires them to go price shopping, expect to pay a fair hourly wage for their effort.

 Get a Service Contract

With a written service agreement there will be no confusion, miscommunication, or forgotten details. Not only will you be clearly defining what’s expected, but in the event that handyman service doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain, you will have documented proof to take with you to court.

 Do you need local area handyman repair services? Home Improvement Service Pros connects consumers with quality, local area service pros. Consumers post their home improvement or emergency repair job for free. Each service pro will have the opportunity to give a quote for the work, so the homeowner can make a decision on who to hire based on the service repair professional’s quotes, ratings/reviews and examples of their previous work.

The service professionals will specialize in household repairs such as home remodeling, handyman, plumbing, roofing, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, electrician, landscaping, painting, HVAC contractors, heating and air conditioning services and more. Our fast, free and easy services can help you make the best choice for your home improvement and repair projects. Please visit our website at: www.HomeImprovementServicePros.com