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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Home Improvement Service Pros?

Home Improvement Service Pros is an advertising company locating qualified professional service providers already in your neighborhood.


Is there a charge/fee to use Home Improvement Service Pros?

NO! Home Improvement Service Pros is free to the consumer.


Do I have to register to use your service?

Yes and No! No need to register to find your Qualified Professional Service Provider. Yes, you do need to register to leave your service provider ratings and reviews.


How does Home Improvement Service Pros work?

It works like this. The consumer puts in their search query. The Home Improvement Service Pros will find the closest service provider to the consumers location for your home repairs.


How many categories does Home Improvement Service Pros?

Home Improvement Service Pros has more than 100 home repair categories to choose from.


What if I need a service done but I don’t need it done the same day?

You can still use Home Improvement Service Pros to find your service provider to schedule a future appointment or to get a same day estimate for a larger project such as moving companies or swimming pool sales.


Do I have to pay for my services up front?

No. We want to leave all the pricing and negotiation between you and the service provider. Besides; there is nothing more frustrating than paying a third party only to find out that it is not the actual price when the service provider gets there.