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Bathroom Remodeling

The Decision to Remodel Your Bathroom

Making a decision to get your bathroom remodeled can add important value to your home. A bathroom is designed for function and gets a great deal of use. The design should provide a function of being relaxing as well. Finding the balance between practical and beautiful is a challenge well worth the reward.

Bathroom remodeling may require a professional. Plan your bathroom by exploring many different layouts and styles. Make a list of your favorite ideas and materials. Ideas to consider are tile or stone flooring, backsplash or shower surrounds. You’ll want to decide the kind of additional features you may want. Water-saving toilets, rain showers, dual sinks and other special features will likely affect the cost.

Another key piece of the bathroom is the vanity. Vanities are available at many home improvement stores and will be the most affordable option. When looking at bathroom vanities, storage will likely be a key part of the decision.

Bathroom lighting is especially important to properly illuminate the space. Some of the options include task lighting, vanity lighting, shower lighting, as well as fancier options such as bathroom chandeliers, pendants, or even specialized mood lighting to fill in the space. These options can seem overwhelming at first, but can be narrowed by taking a look at your bathroom.

During the construction phase, your project manager keeps you updated and on the progress of your job and work closely with the site supervisor to make certain all designs are implemented according to plan. If issues arise, your team works with you to move forward with solutions while keeping your goals in mind.

If you have never designed a bathroom before, it is unlikely that you will think of everything ahead of time. Whether it’s average amounts of space for a toilet, sink, or bathtub, or a subtle but effective design strategy for your bathroom space, it’s important to do the proper amount of research

Perhaps what is underestimated is the overall cost of remodeling your bathroom. There is so much more than simply re-tiling or repainting. Plus, there will almost always be extra costs that you don’t think of, so will need to be prepared for unexpected costs. If you’re remodeling on a budget, it’s good to know that there are certain tips and tricks for lowering the cost. You should be willing to put in the time to plan and execute the plan.

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